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The Grey War Chronicles

Light years from Earth, the highly-advanced Terran civilization fought an invading force from another universe called the Grey. Terrans lost that war and are now fighting for their survival while the Grey are claiming total supremacy to our universe. Both races have set their sights on Earth.

Unknown to most Humans, these civilizations have been fighting on Earth for hundreds of years. Their wars have caused plagues, famine and unimaginable human suffering.

Even with all the power that the Terrans possess, they are losing this war once again. In a last effort to save Earth from more carnage and to buy them more time, the Terrans signed a treaty with the Grey to stop all open hostility. A Human resistance organization named the Guardians rose out of the ashes of these clandestine wars and might be Earth's only chance at stopping the Grey from total domination of Earth.

There is always hope!

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